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Safety Management Systems - Obtile

Safety Management Systems

  • $850.00

What you get:

1. Compliance to the legislation 

2. Reduction in injuries and increase in staff retention rates

3. Proactively preparing to sustain the growth of the business

4. Progression towards achievement of OHSAS 18001

5. A report evidencing issues and implementation steps

What we need from you:

1. A description of your activities and identified issues

2. A description of your strategic direction and business goals

3. Access to the facilities, registers, and systems

How we do it:

After having met with you to understand your business and your goals, 

a site visit is usually sufficient to assess compliance issues.

Please let us know in advance if photos or videos can be problematic on your site.

After the visit, and within 5 business days, we send you a report and make time for a debrief.

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