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Vision System Feasibility Study

  • $4,800.00

 Vision Systems are the best way to efficiently check quality on a production line !

It takes a lot of expertise and knowledge to verify that what you want to check can be achieved with a vision system.

This is why we have packaged the Feasibility Study in a fixed price study,
With a guarantee to get your money back if the Feasibility is negative !

What you will get :

  • We  organise two site visits
    • The first visit to scope your needs
    • The second one to validate the findings of the study
  • You get a report for your application including
    • A Bill Of Material for your application
    • A Design Concept Layout
    • The Pricing for your application
    •  A Timeline for your project Implementation
    • Sample pictures of your application

What we need from you :

  • The total number of products to be checked
  • At least 2 samples of each product to be checked
    • 1 OK quality
    • 1 NOK quality
  • The type of defects that you need to check for
    • A picture , or
    • A live example of each

How long does it take ?

It takes 2 calendar weeks from order to reception of your Feasibility Study Report.

About PAC technologies

Pac Technologies is a certified Omron Vision Detection Control Systems company.Pac Technologies specialises in the design of Vision Detection Systems, weunderstand your production process and quality issues, and can recommend the right design and technology for your application.

Recent product developments have made the technology more accessible
to small and medium-sized businesses.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your vision application Pac Technologies can design a cost efficient system, which will maximise the potential of your production line, while ensuring the product meets your manufacturing standards.

 Pac Technologies designs Vision Detection Systems for most product
types and processes, listed below are some of the more common Vision
Detection System application. Pac technologies have developed a
TEC loop controller based camera temperature control system, ensuring
constant camera temperature for colour applications.

 • Colour recognition and colour based product grading.
• Validation of label, product code and date.
• Validation of bottle fill levels.
• Shape recognition.
• Validation of correct placement and colour of bottle caps.
• Validation of bottle cap security seal.
• Packaging element cross reference.
• Validation of product presentation.
• Validation of volume and item count.
• 1D and 2D Bar code reading.
• Character recognition (OCR)

 Here is an example of a simple vision quality check system 

Any questions ? ask Kim !