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Recruit One Role - Obtile

Recruit One Role

  • $2,000.00

What you get:

1. A new staff member, ready to start working

2. A recruitment process, ready to go, at the press of a button

What we need from you:

1. A job description, paper or discussion

2. Person specification

3. Remuneration range and benefits

4. Background on the position and the reason for recruitment

How we do it:

  • We assess candidates through pre-screening
  • Advertise the roles
  • Conduct behavioural and situational questions interviews
  • Shortlist to you is optional
  • Client interviews (max.3) are optional
  • Reference checks

 The process last 2-4 weeks for Admin and Support roles

It lasts 3-6 weeks for Qualified roles eg: Technicians, Engineers, Managers

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