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Turn your Strategy into meaningful, measurable, ACTION, now ! - Obtile

Turn your Strategy into meaningful, measurable, ACTION, now !

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Tired of seeing your strategy or business plan collect dust..?

Sick of seeing your plans not get implemented..?

Frustrated with constantly having to make decisions on
what the strategy really is..?

Wasting too much time and effort on
planning meetings..?


This is a special offering for small to medium sized businesses to get your strategy and planning working - now.

 Within One Week (elapsed time) you will have a Concise Plan to guide your implementation of your strategy and business plan.


There is no need for long drawn-out plans that no-one reads, or that no-one knows how to put it in place. OR worse still, you initiate the actions but don't see any difference in performance.

Performance planning and implementation for businesses of all sizes needs to be practical, concise and clear. Using the Results Mapping framework we will produce a visual map that all your people can use to align your efforts and resources to maximise your the impact on your prioritised results.

This engagement includes the initial consult to get your context. Then a two-day workshop, in-house to develop your Concise Plan with your team. Then a half day of implementation coaching, onsite.


The Process

What you will get

  •   Initial consult
  •   Confidence this approach is tailored to your business and needs
  •   Clarity on the deliverables and outcomes


  •   Workshop - day one: Results Mapping
  •   Overview of measurement, prioritisation and planning using Results


  •   A Results Map for your business
  •   Clarity across your team on the cause and effect set of results that lead to business outcomes
  •   A small set of prioritised results - those that you will focus on impacting the most first
  •   Workshop - day two: Measurement and Planning
  •   Measure Design Technique (PuMP™)
  •   Developing actions/initiatives for the prioritised results
  •   Key measures designed for your prioritised results
  •   Ability to measure impact of actions/projects
  •   Ability to design measures in the future
  •   Template to use for all planning in the future
  •   Concise Plan created
  •   Your Concise Plan to guide implementation (also provides a template for monitoring implementation and meaningful planning in the future)
  •   Half-day implementation coaching
  •   Confidence and capability to implement and fine-tune the realisation of your strategy.


Note: Venue, catering, projector not included in this offer.

If you need the brochure to help you decide to order now, you can find it here: 

Download the brochure !

Any questions? ask Mark !


About your consultant and facilitator

Mark Hocknell collaborates with leaders of organisations (of all sizes) to improve their results. He is a consultant, speaker, author and mentor specialising in customer centric business and performance measurement.

Mark is a PuMP® Partner and was accredited in PuMP® in 2007 (performance measurement methodology). Since then he has worked with more than 35 organisations to develop and implement performance management and measurement processes and develop a continuous improvement culture. He is also competent in using the Balanced Scorecard, and in designing and delivering business diagnostics to understand current performance and how to move to an improved state. Mark has used a extensive set of methodologies (including, Argenti, the Cynefin Framework, Results Mapping) to facilitate the development of organisational strategies and turn them into action through the creation of meaningful business plans. His experience covers planning work at the Board, Executive Management or operational management levels. These skills are backed up by practical working knowledge of improvement methodologies, (e.g. Agile, LEAN, Six Sigma, WorkOut™). Additionally, Mark has developed the "Coaching For Performance" capability development program that focuses on building skills in team leaders to support a performance improvement culture. From 2003 to 2011 he was a sessional academic (part-time) with Graduate School of Business (QUT) and in 2015 he was appointed as an Adjunct Lecturer to the Griffith University School of Business. Mark has a MBA, holds qualifications in change management, and certifications in Net Promoter Score.


...the content, techniques and tools you will receive in this engagement you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Seeing these techniques applied to your business will enable you to achieve greater success in strategy, planning and implementation, forever.

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