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SMB: Marketing and Sales Augmentation

  • $8,749.99

Sales conversion rates too low...?

Marketing leads not qualified..?

Wasting $$'s on
ad-words that don't lead anywhere..?

Spending too much time and effort on
internal wrangling..?


This is a special offering for small to medium sized businesses to get your sales and marketing working effectively - quickly.

Within One Week (elapsed time) you will have a Blueprint to guide all your efforts in 

Attracting and Keeping your Awesome Customers.


There is no need for long drawn-out plans that no one reads. Using the Architecture for Customer Engagement we will produce a Blueprint that all your people can use to align your efforts and resources to maximise your results.

This engagement includes the initial consult to get your context. Then a two-day workshop, in-house to develop the Blueprint for your business with your team. Then a half day of implementation coaching, onsite.

This work is based on the Profit by Design principles, where sales are made more to profitable customers and two-way value is created to ensure you customer portfolio is full of advocates and promoters for maximum positive word of mouth.


What you will get from this engagement:

  • The Blueprint for guiding all of your customer attraction and engagement activity (social media, marketing, sales, and retention).
  • A common view and understanding of the Blueprint across your team or teams.
  • Feedback from the initial consult that reviews your current activities.
  • Half -day coaching on how to implement for deeper engagement and maximum impact.
  • The two-day workshop for you and your team.

What you will get from this workshop:

  • How customer spend and promoter behaviour impacts profit
  • A clear understanding of the common pitfalls entrepreneurs experience with sales
  • How customer portfolios can be designed for maximum profit potential
  • How to identify your awesome customer groups - that ones in the sweet spot of the Two-Way Value Exchange
  • Develop your value propositions (Level 1 and Level 2) that will increase resonance and engagement with your awesome customers
  • Practical application of the Architecture for the Customer Engagement: the Conversation that Attracts and Keeps your Awesome Customer
  • How innovation adoption affects the success of your customer acquisition tactics
  • How values and ethics impact how customers buy and promote
  • How your customer makes decisions and buys
  • The ideal methods to apply to your selling activity
  • Implementation of your Architecture for Customer Engagement.
  • The 150+ page A4 Workbook.

Everyone walks away with the can-do - not just the know-how. All the content, tools and templates to bring meaningful customer engagement to life in your business




Overview of your 2 days workshop

2 days workshop sum-up


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Architecture for customer engagement


About your consultant and facilitator

Mark Hocknell collaborates with leaders of organisations (of all sizes) to improve their results by focusing on the customer-side of the business.

He is a consultant, speaker, author and mentor specialising in customer centric business and performance measurement. For the last 11 years (as a consultant) Mark has developed customer strategies with more than 30 organisations (from small businesses to large GOC's) to improve the delivery of customer value, sales performance and profitability. Prior to this, Mark was with Suncorp for 14 years where he held senior customer management roles, during his last three years there he implemented the technology, tools and change to support the 'Allfinanz strategy' which placed Suncorp with the highest cross-selling rate of any Australian financial institution. From 2003 to 2011 he was a sessional academic (part-time) with Brisbane Graduate School of Business (QUT) where he developed and delivered two electives within the MBA program, Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In 2015 he was appointed as an Adjunct Lecturer to the Griffith University School of Business, where he has developed the Personal Selling and Sales Management course (2038MKT) for the Department of Marketing. Mark has a MBA, holds qualifications in change management, and certifications in Net Promoter Score and PuMP®(performance measurement).


...the content, templates and tools you will receive in this engagement you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Seeing these techniques applied to your business will enable you to achieve greater success in customer engagement and profitability, forever.



Venue, catering, projector are not included in this offer.

The workshop is for up to 6 people, additional attendees will incur a charge of $100.00 + GST


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